Monday, August 6, 2018

My Amazing Descriptive Writing.

Oh my goodness, look at that thing it’s huge! My eyebrows are curling over my eyes as im squinting as my mouth drops to the ground. This is the biggest creature I have ever seen in my whole life, But it’s also the grossest. Its big and black with heaps of legs and its has hair sticking up off of its head. At first I didn’t even think this is real. My hands are shaking as my brain is sending a tingling sensation down through my spine. My knees don’t want to be standing up anymore they are shaking and wobbling too much. My legs automatically start moving backwards away from whatever that thing is. I don’t want to be near it anymore, I have never seen that thing before.

I kinda found it hard to think of some of the bigger words i have used, i thought to myself i haven't really ever used these words so im going to use them. i enjoyed writing this bit of writing because i like kinda challenging things so i think this was kinda fun. When i have heaps of words in my head i just like to put them all out into a doc.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

How i wake up in the morning.

As I wake up my body falls backward into my bed. My blanket was half over me, as I try to get back up but my eyes close but i fall backwards again. Now i’m not up in time and then I hear mum coming to yell at me. I felt as tired as a sloth. As I open the curtains the windows are foggy and it’s still dark and cold outside.  My hair is a mess, as I try to fix it it poofs up and gets knotty. I started to walk and find my clothes and I feel like a zombie.